wind & rain.

From a shower to a heavy rainstorm, weather effects are often essential to set the mood of a scene and must be totally realistic and natural if they are to prove effective.

The Action Unit holds a vast array of SFX rain and wind equipment and have recently invested in more, to achieve any atmospheric effect.

Rain stands are capable of creating a light shower or a full blown Monsoon depending on the choice of nozzle size. For wider shots a crane rain rig can be suspended from above to cover half a football pitch if necessary.

That does not mean that every rain job needs a truck load of equipment. Small jobs are just as important and a stunning rain sequence can be achieved using a fraction of the equipment. Water is supplied via a bowser, sometimes it is possible to use the fire hydrants if they are in good condition and have enough pressure.

Wind effects can create drama, but they are also used for the realistic touch for a scene – on a boat for example, or on top of the mountain which is not really a mountain, or when traveling on top of a car which is rolling in a film studio. Wind effects are created by fans of various sizes or air compressors (air hoses, venturi systems).


Apparently we had reached a great height in the atmosphere, for the sky was a dead black, and the stars had ceased.

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